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The Abingdon Bridge Firewalk 

Ollie mulford

In memory of Ollie Mulford

WOW...what a night!

£5,366.81 raised

This will enable us to keep one of the rooms at The Abingdon Bridge in memory of Ollie.


Thank you to each and every one of you who completed the are AWESOME!


  • Boardman, Hawkins & Osborne LLP solicitors in Abingdon who offer legal advice, representation & mediation for families for sponsoring the free places at the event.


  • Our anonymous sponsors who have paid for the Firewalk to take place enabling every penny raised to go directly to TAB.



  • Cliff and the team - Time4change for the Firewalk experience.




  • Keeping us all safe First aid provided by Chris Wrey of GMI Wellbeing Ltd


  • Our volunteer stewards.




  • A special thank you to Paul Blair with whom it has been a pleasure to work alongside in organising this event and whose tireless commitment to fundraising is inspirational.

And finally to everyone who sponsored a Firewalker and came along to support the event. 
You will have made such a difference to the service users of TAB.

If you would like to download the photographs from the evening please use this link, sadly we did not get everyone because of the speed and absolute darkness but we did get most  


Starstream Photography - PHOTOS

Anyone wishing to donate can still do so;


DONATE HERE (by credit card)

or use the JustGiving link below

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