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Why a Household PA?

Because time is precious.

There are only 24 hours in a day

Commute to work, emails, meetings, calls, projects, reports, more meetings, commute home, catch up on emails, dinner with family, Zoom call, finish that report, fall into bed remembering that you forgot to order flowers for your anniversary or pick up the dry cleaning on the way home, only to do it all again tomorrow, sound familiar?


The majority of our days are taken up by work not leaving nearly enough time to relax and spend time with our family, friends or enjoy hobbies and take greater care of ourselves. 

In modern households, families and individuals look to maximise their time, and most importantly their free time, to focus on the things that they enjoy most. Looking for help and support in the household is a valued and respected request.

​Families will hire Housekeepers (part time and full time) to look after their homes, Nannies to help care for their children, Chefs to help with daily cooking and Chauffeurs to help with driving.  So, what benefit does a Household PA bring?

You need someone to assist with your life admin but don’t require someone on a full-time basis. All those time-consuming tasks can be handed over ensuring you never miss an appointment, bills are paid on time, that important dinner is booked.


Engaging Your Household PA is not just for the HNWI or the celebrity lifestyle.

Many busy professionals find that hiring a Household PA is one of the most astute decisions they make and the PA often turns out to play a key role in their success.

Your Household PA may be the one single individual who could make a difference to the quality of your private life. 

For those who know they need assistance to manage their household work load and create a better lifestyle balance, here are just some of the reasons why you would benefit from a Household PA:   

  • Free up precious time to do the things that matter most to you

  • Save you recruitment agency, subscription and membership fees

  • Flexible working patterns to suit your lifestyle

  • Peace of mind that your "to-do list" is being done​

  • Someone to reply upon for last minute/Ad Hoc tasks  

  • A trusted house and pet sitter (this can also be offered as a stand alone service)

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A Safe Pair of Hands






Whether it be running your home office, sourcing something, picking up the dry cleaning or walking the dogs then we are here to take away that stress.

 Everyone has a list of jobs that they just can’t seem to get done, often with an overstretched diary and an overrun inbox.

​ Your Household PA will dedicate their time managing your household diary and other ‘lifestyle admin’ duties to free you up, giving you back that precious time.

Your Household PA can give you more flexibility and a better lifestyle balance.​


Setting up your home office

Management of correspondence - process incoming personal mail

Manage the family’s calendar of activities, book restaurants, venues, etc

Reminding the principals of important tasks and deadlines, birthdays and anniversaries

Managing personal paperwork; dealing with invoices and handling household expenses, credit card/account reconciliations

Liaising with suppliers and contractors

Vehicle management; MOT, tax, insurance

Managing filing systems

Ad Hoc household errands – Post Office, collections, shopping, vets (full clean driving license)

Keeping on top of memberships, direct debits and account passwords

Online shopping, ticket sourcing

Co-ordinating deliveries and collections

Last minute duties, eg. collect dry cleaning 

Availability to travel with household, if required

Full enhanced DBS Certificate

A guide to our rates can be found here

Service Terms & Conditions

Services can be provided on a regular or one-off basis.

Due to the nature of this work, we limit the number of private clients we work with.

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