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Why a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant services are bespoke business administration solutions where you can feel confident that by handing over your to-do list you will increase productivity and feel less overwhelmed.

We are passionate about delivering a high-quality service, which fits around the needs of our clients and is affordable for small businesses, sole traders and start ups.  By taking on their administrative and organisation tasks, we save them time and money and enable them to concentrate on growing their business.  

The role of a Virtual Assistant is predominately similar to that of a Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant but who works from a remote location offering administration services.

We provide a flexible and efficient service to those who are feeling overwhelmed with daily admin tasks but are not necessarily looking to take on another member of staff.

You can hire our services for a single hour, a regular monthly arrangement or for a one-off project. We work remotely, so you do not need to provide office space or equipment. 




No National Insurance to pay

Cost effective because you only book and pay for the time needed for the services required

You won’t be paying sickness, holiday pay or pension contributions

You don't even need to provide tea and coffee! 

​What you get

Specialist skill sets

Increased productivity

Knowledge & experience

Custom skills

Professionalism & integrity


Discipline & commitment



Services offered include, but are not limited to:

General administration

Calendar & email management

Document management

Appointment scheduling

Timesheet/expense management

Data entry

Copy typing


Audio Transcription

Completion of forms, reports and templates

CV collation, Interview organisation


Website updates



How many times have you visited a website that is littered with errors and broken links? Or received a leaflet through the door with spelling mistakes and poor grammar? It doesn’t give a good first impression.

If you don’t proofread your website copy, blog posts, social media content and any other material, you are at risk of errors slipping through. Rightly or wrongly it gives the impression that you don't put much effort, or thought, into what you do.

It is only too easy to overlook errors in your own work, which is where our proofreading service comes in. We carefully check your content for spelling, grammar and broken links.

A guide to our rates can be found here


Were you aware that;

“The business employs assistants to ensure that the executive is as efficient and effective as they can possibly be. A decent assistant will give them [Executives] up to 80% of their time back.

As an example, most execs will spend 58% of their time or more doing email. That is 58% of their salary being spent by the business on the exec doing email.

An assistant can get that time down to 12%.  Every hour that an assistant saves their exec multiplied by their exec’s salary.

That’s what EAs add to the bottom line. And that’s before they [Executives] use that time saved to go and close business deals or create a new revenue stream – that is also part of your contribution to the bottom line.”

(quote from Lucy Brazier CEO of Marcham Publishing and Publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine)

Book a call to find out how we can help free up some of your valuable time. 

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