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Home Admin Assistance

Do you, or a family member, struggle when it comes to organising paperwork at home?

Do you need assistance following a bereavement?

For some people they are just overwhelmed by all the post/emails they receive.  For others it may be a change in circumstances, whether that be a bereavement, illness, a house move or just getting older. 

These situations can lead a person to become anxious and unable to keep up to date with their paperwork.

Would it help to have a tracking report for the household income/expenditure on a monthly and annual basis to assist with budgeting and help to ensure bills are paid on time and your day-to-day affairs run more smoothly?


Maybe you or a relative needs assistance with;

Management of utilities and household bills 



Direct debits and standing orders

Vehicle tax/Mot/Insurance

Pet and house sitting whilst you are away

Medical & Health documents

Purchases, Receipts & Warranties

Credit Card Reconciliation

Certificates & Passports

Lasting Power of Attorney

Getting online

Online applications

Card writing

Gift wrapping and posting

Administrative assistance following a bereavement

​We can offer support within the comfort of the individual’s home and help organise the paperwork and set up a simple, personalised and effective filing system that is easily managed giving reassurance that the chaos is sorted, and peace of mind that they have the help needed.

A bespoke support service can be offered on a regular basis.

If it all seems a bit daunting, please don't worry.

Whether it be a one off task or regular assistance, book a free one-to-one call to see how we can help.

Enhanced DBS 

A guide to our rates can be found here

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